I am currently a PhD student at the UW Allen School of Computer Science, advised by Dan Suciu.

Research interests

My interests lie broadly in data systems and machine learning. Currently I’m focusing on optimizing join processing algorithms in relational database systems by using worst-case optimal join techniques.

Brief bio

Before my PhD, I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at UCLA. There, I did research on inference in probabilistic models in the Statistical Relational AI Lab and was fortunate to work with Guy Van den Broeck. I also was a lead instructor at the UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle, teaching mathematics to a group of high-school students.

I interned at AWS Redshift where I worked on bringing ML into the data warehouse. Before that, I interned at Yandex optimizing the logic for establishing TLS handshakes. I also interned at a fintech startup where I researched and implemented options pricing models and price volatility estimation techniques.

I grew up in Moscow, Russia.